MI Face to Face meeting of ICs under AJR

A Mission Innovation Meeting hosted by  the Department of Biotechnology and Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

* By Official Invite only

About the Meeting

Mission Innovation (MI) was announced on November 30, 2015, to accelerate global clean energy innovation during COP 21 in Paris in the presence of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi. India is the founding member of Mission Innovation along with USA and France. There are 24 countries participating including European Commission.

Mission Innovation initiative reflects the collective desire of nations to work together to solve shared challenges to provide affordable and reliable clean energy. The intense collaboration effort so far among Mission Innovation countries has culminated into adoption of an Enabling Framework for mission innovation which is expected to accelerate pace of clean energy innovation to achieve performance breakthrough and cost reduction.

Mission Innovation aims to mobilise both public and private sector efforts to achieve breakthroughs in performance and cost effectiveness while ensuring the societal acceptability. To deliver on the promise of the Paris Agreement, enhanced public and private cooperation to increase investment and accelerate progress at all stages of the clean energy innovation chain will be required.

India along with 24 other countries is a member of all Eight Mission Innovation (MI) challenges for clean energy development and is a co-lead in three challenges. India has taken a lead in MI activities by arranging country workshops in all seven areas and has also arranged successful international conferences.  MI India Unit has identified eight challenges in various areas where international cooperation and mutually beneficial engagements can be established.Govt. of India via it’s nodal agency Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is responsible for the MI Clean Energy initiatives in India.

India is Co-lead for following three Challenges:

(a) Smart Grids Innovation Challenge
(b) Off Grid Access to Electricity Innovation Challenge
(c) Sustainable Biofuels Innovation Challenge

India also participates in other Five Innovation Challenges – Carbon Capture, Converting Sunlight, Clean Energy Materials & Renewable and Clean Hydrogen.

India is also a co-lead member of Analysis and Joint Research (AJR) Sub-Group of Mission Innovation along with Canada. The Analysis and Joint Research Sub-Group’s aims to identify and analyze clean energy innovation needs, priorities, challenges and opportunities for collaboration across Mission Innovation (MI) members. AJR’s mandate is to mobilize the collective knowledge, capabilities and resources of members to maximize impact across eight Innovation Challenges which MI members have identified as critical technology areas to address climate change. Keeping in line with Mission Innovation Mandate to support Clean Energy activities, India is organising  “Mission Innovation Face-to-Face meeting of all Innovation Challenges (IC1-IC8) under Analysis and Joint Research (AJR)” from 4-6th Nov 2019 New Delhi.

This meeting aims to provide a platform for:

  • Reviewing new Innovation Challenge proposals and assessing the progress of existing Innovation Challenges.
  • Informing key stakeholders of opportunities to maximize the impact of the Innovation Challenges.
  • Creating high-impact collaboration and partnership opportunities in the Innovation Challenges between members and adoption of clean energy policies and practices.
  • Facilitating the cross-pollination of ideas and best practices across Innovation Challenges.
  • Identification of research gap areas and exploring new co-operation opportunities in RD&D.