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Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative designed to accelerate the pace of innovation and make clean energy widely affordable. Led by the public sector, it aims to mobilise both public and private sector efforts. MI also provides a platform to support collaborations among members and facilitate engagement with business, industry and investors, so as to attract more private funding into innovative clean energy research. India has taken a leading role in all mission innovation activities.

MI was launched in November 2015 at the initiative of the United States, India and France. (Know more) It now comprises twenty-four economies and the European Union, collectively accounting for more than 80 percent of the world’s total public financing of clean energy research and development (R&D). (Member Countries)

High-level leadership is provided by member Governments’ Ministers with responsibility for clean energy innovation. A MI Steering Committee delivers senior-level strategic guidance and oversees the support provided by the MI Secretariat. Each MI member acts independently to design and honour its MI commitments, share information and foster collaboration over an initial 5-year period. Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, has been assigned the responsibility of co-coordinating the Indian activities related to mission innovation programme.

MI member countries may elect to participate in any one or more parts of the plan, motivated by their own technical and policy interests. Mission innovation has been designed to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation so as to achieve performance breakthroughs and cost reductions which will ultimately meet the objectives of emission reductions as envisaged in Paris accord.