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Mission Innovation (MI), launched in 2015, is a global initiative of 24 countries (Member Countries) and the European Union to accelerate the pace of innovation and make clean energy widely affordable. Led by the public sector, it aims to mobilise both public and private sector efforts. MI also provides a platform to support collaborations among members and facilitate engagement with business, industry and investors, so as to attract more private funding into innovative clean energy research. India has taken a leading role in all mission innovation activities

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Innovation Challenges

Inaugural MI Ministerial meeting in San Francisco, US on, June 2, 2016 –ministers from all Mission Innovation partners released their respective governments’ plans to double clean energy research and development funding over five years. Innovation Challenges (ICs) are global calls to action aimed at accelerating Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D;) in technology areas that could provide significant benefits in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security and creating new opportunities for clean economic growth.

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